Cancelled walks will not be charged with 72 hour notice. Without 72 hour notice, walks will be charged. Cancellations in case of emergency will not be charged. 

Cancelled walks will not be charged with 72 hour notice. The number of cancelled walks with proper notice will be subtracted from the total number of scheduled walks for that month and then divided by the total scheduled walks to create a percentage. That percentage will then be applied to the monthly subscription fee to equal the total for that month.

Hypothetical Examples:

2 days per week, monthly schedule ($290)

July 2019: month has (9) Tuesdays and Thursdays. 2 days cancelled with proper notice.


3 days per week, monthly schedule ($405)

January 2020: month has (21) Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 5 days cancelled with proper notice (planned vacation), (1) day cancelled without proper notice (you played hooky from work and took your dog to your friend’s BBQ, cancelling the morning of).


5 days per week, both hikes, monthly schedule ($1050)

April 2020: month has 22 weekdays, that’s 44 walks. 7 walks (3.5 days) cancelled with proper notice. 2 walks (1 day) cancelled due to emergency vet visit the day of.


Why so strict?

I’m not an app & it’s just me. I would like to discourage people from using me like an “on call” service. On call services are able to accommodate sudden schedule changes easily because they are a network of many walkers.

Sudden or frequent cancellations interrupt scheduling. Because I will always have a limited amount of space, if I’m unable to fill a vacant space in time it will throw off my day!