Group Hikes, Training & Transportation

What’s Offered?

Trailing Tails provides one-hour off-leash group hikes, once or twice a day. Outings include pick up, drop off, basic training and manners work. The pups get a ton of exercise but also take quick breaks for training drills and photo ops.

We go to big, off-leash areas. These parks give the dogs ample space to exercise, while affording real-world training opportunities. Immediate training is reward based, focusing on recall, acceptable social interaction & communication. With daily work the dogs become more responsive and their social interaction improves. Group sizes vary but are never over 8.


Trailing Tails is based out of San Francisco’s Sunset district. Walks take place at off-leash parks, usually on the south-western side of the city: Stern Grove, Fort Funston, Golden Gate Park, Ocean Beach & Baker Beach. All of these parks give the dogs a chance to eliminate, socialize and exercise.


The group is picked up in a truck, then we hit the park. The bus is calm and quiet, most of the time. Pups can ride in crates or up front if they want. Because we have many stops, usually your dog will be out the house, cruising the town, for at least a couple hours.

This service is not recommended for dogs who get car sick.