Frequently Asked Questions

Is the actual walk a full hour?

Yes, the hike is one hour, and your dog will be out of the house for at least a couple of hours.

What areas are serviced?

Sunset, Parkside, Forest Hill, Twin Peaks, Richmond, Seacliff, Upper Haight.

Will my dog come home clean?

Yes! I will always do my best to make sure your pup comes home clean & dry.

What are the advantages of daily training?

It’s important to maintain training with your dog. Like speaking a different language, they get rusty without routine practice. With daily work you will notice your pup become more responsive and tuned in.

Why is a consistent group setting helpful?

In a pack, the dogs feel more confident, learn from each other, and make great friends. They’re more open to new things and feel more secure when they’re with a pack. They learn by observing friend’s behaviors, reinforcing training. And they’re stoked to see their buddies at pick up!

What are the advantages of daily exercise & socialization?

Your pup will come home tired & happy. Like everyone, dogs need daily exercise to stay healthy. And socialization keeps their minds sharp and spirts high!

Is there proof of the walk?

Yes: Instagram stories and posts are maintained daily.

How do pick up & drop off work?

A window of time is given for the corresponding hike. You can give me a key or code, or I can use a lockbox. You don’t have to be present for pick up or drop off, but for my safety, should introduce me to the dog for first contact if you think there could be an issue.

Is boarding offered?

Unfortunately, not at this time. Sorry!