We Offer

Off-leash Group Hikes:

  • $33/hike: 20 or more hikes per month
  • $34/hike: 15-19 hikes per month
  • $36/hike: 9-14 hikes per month
  • $38/hike: 4-8 hikes per month
  • $41/hike: 3 or less hikes per month


  • Weekdays: $100
  • Weekends and holidays: $125

In-house Dog Sitting:

  • Weekdays: $100
  • Weekends and holidays: $125

On-leash Private Walk (20 min.): $38

Daycare (9a-5p): $85

Training Evaluation (45 min.): $100

Training Session (60 min.): $120

Pick Up & Drop Off Timing

  • A.M. hike pick up: 9:00a-11:30a, A.M. hike drop off: 11:30a-2p
  • P.M. hike pick up: 11:30a-2p, P.M. hike drop-off: 3p-4:30p

Please do not expect pickup and drop-off at exactly the same time for every walk. We juggle too many variables to ensure it. Our routes are a bit different everyday and things happen that are out of our control.

Terms of Service

By engaging in the services offered by Trailing Tails LLC, the customer is agreeing to our “Terms of Service”. The full document is available here: TERMS OF SERVICE (click it)